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Sometimes people say something like - "Wow you're really talented." - and I always say - "Well I don't know about that - but I HAVE worked hard...".  How wonderful this wacky life of rain and sunshine is - and I am so grateful for every aspect of my life - and for every person who is - or has been - a part of it.  Sure there are joys and sorrows for each of us -- but here is the thing (right?) - our joys and sorrows are just two sides of  the same coin - and that coin is LOVE.  Because we Love we have joys - and because we Love we have sorrows.  It's OK -- it's all part of it .

​So yea - come on in and take a look around.  I'm just getting started - but I'm gonna put stuff about every aspect of my life here - especially the wonderful Jazzmanian Devils!!!

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I recently heard one critic refer to our music as a fusion of Folk, Rock, and Country.  I can not disagree with this accessment.