OK - here's one:     I want to make my life - AND my music - as meaningful as possible.   I believe that life does not really have a bunch of automatic "meaning" - until we do things - to make our lives meaningful.  So - we've been talking about strategies - to make the band a bit more successful - right -- and many of my band mates have been suggesting we do more "covers" - and do them more like the originals -- because you know - people like to hear music they recognize.  So - we're working on a two hour set - and it was down to only two originals --- but I said -- hey -- I gotta play at least a couple more originals - (right?) - so I put Gypsy Daydream, and Step Out Slowly back into the set.

So we're getting around to playing Step Out Slowly last night at a rehearsal - and we get to the third verse -- (this verse was inspired by a friend of mine's recent passing due to that nasty disease CANCER) - and I look over and one of the wonderful back up singers is like wiping at her eyes a little --- I'm thinking maybe she has some make up that snuck in there and is irritating her ... but no - we finish the song and she lifts her face and she's crying --- she says "that is so sad -- and it made me think about when someone I Loved died before...".

I'm thinking to myself -- maybe that IS a meaningful song??

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