So - Yea - The Band IS for hire.

I know there is not that much music available on this site yet -- but we are working on it.

Check the "Tour" page - and come to one of our shows - if you like what you see and hear - maybe we should come play at YOUR establishment - or for YOUR EVENT.

Like it says on the "Contact" page - I'm super easy to get ahold of - hit me up!

The Jazzmanian Devils is an up-tempo - acoustic oriented family friendly band.  Most of our covers are like MTV UnPlugged versions of Classic Rock Era songs - and most of our stuff is totally danceable.  We DO have some decent original material - which covers a range from blues - to Softer Rock - to Softer Rock with "a little bit of twang" stirred into the brew.

I WISH I had videos or even audio of EVERYTHING for you to check out -- but getting that stuff put together is not that easy.  There IS one song - embedded in an article on the "About" page.  Here is a sample setlist though - for a two hour show...